The Craigs are going to Disney!

Giggle giggle! Tee hee! (insert image of me jumping up and down with glee here). We're going to Disney! DISNEY!!!!! I've never been there...can you tell?? :) I'm actually not sure who is more or our 5 year old daughter, Ella. Ok...IT'S ME!!!!! MEEEEEE!!!!!!!

John and I have actually been planning this since Ella was born so it's been a test in patience for me. John is thoroughly excited a "I can't wait to see my wife let her inner child out - kinda-way". He's been the absolute most perfect partner for this: do what I want, spend what I want, stay as long as I want, see what I want. Oh.Yeah. Poor guy. He has no idea what he's getting into (be scared Love, be very scared).

So--the point here is that we will be gone from the office for a while and of course we will be checking up on things and staying in touch...just maybe not with the super-human-lightening-speed everyone is used to. ;-)

We'll be sure to post photos when we get back (and I'm sure a gazillion while we're there for all you FB followers!)

Have a terrific week everyone!