Bunnies & Spring...

I'm not sure how the weather has been where you are but here in the old 'Burgh it's been a little rough to put up with. Rain, a little bit of rain, some more rain with a side of rain...and oh yes, let's not forget the chilly rain. Brrrr..... But then, all of  sudden, the clouds break and there is something in the sky that I tend to forget exists...the sun! :) It's getting warmer here and with that comes all the fun of watching everything go from brown to green. This is a lovely process to watch, but even more so when you have a child that finds everything simply magical. From a leaf on a tree that wasn't there yesterday to a twirl in the backyard to feel the warm breeze, it's wonderful to watch another season of rebirth thru the eyes of a 5 year old.

This year for Easter we had dinner at our home (which I just love...any excuse to have family over and indulgent amounts of food is ok with me). We cooked, ate, ate some more, laughed and when we thought we'd pass out, we watched the kids hunt for Easter eggs.

And who needs chocolate these days when your little plastic eggs are filled with...

Money! Of course! This never fails to make a happy child...(from the Grandparents)

And with the new lovely, warm season comes the lessons in making things grow. Ella has always been particularly fascinated with planting anything and watching it grow. We're still trying to teach her that once you pick something that is alive, it will then die...but this doesn't seem to distract her from her desire to have the house filled with freshly picked flowers. Can't blame her.

I just can't stand how unbelievably adorable she looks with her toes dug deep into the soil with not a care in the world while she tends to whatever plant she has decided needs a new home. She creates a fascinating peace around her as she cares for her new friends. I could just eat.her.with.a.spoon.

Pure yumminess.