My Girl Rachael Ryan

Yes, you have met Rachael before! Rachael is an incredibly talented makeup artist and painter! Here is her FB page that displays her most recent work and I'm only pointing this out because I'm not sure if this link will take you to her page or not but if not, search for "Rachael Ryan-Art" and she will come up. Be prepared...her paintings are stunning so hide your checkbook before you look at her work...I know this from experience. ;-) Rachael is a very very good friend of mine so when she asked if I could do some headshots I was all kinds of in. :) I was just going thru them and these 3 stood out to me. She has the most sweetest smile, doesn't she?? Not only are Rachael's paintings just stunning but her makeup artistry is nothing to sneeze at. She has worked for The Oprah Magazine, CNN, MTV, The Travel Channel, ESPN & ABC for the NBA Finals 2010, 2009, as well as Super Bowls XLIV, XLIII & Super Week Coverage, ESPN Monday Night Football, the PGA Tour, World Golf Hall of Fame, American Eagle Outfitters and People Magazine. Yes, it's ok, you can say it...WOWSA!

So this is my girl Rachael Ryan. Sweetest gal you'd ever wanna know. ;-)