Glamour Gals for a Day...

What a fun shoot this was! For a Christmas present this past year I gave my 2 nieces gift certificates for a Glamour Gal Day. So both of them in tow, with a suitcase the size of a small country in Europe, came to my studio for a fun fun fun photography session. I had my super-duper, fantastically talented friend and makeup artist Rachael Ryan apply their makeup and then we spent the day just trying all kinds of new things and they were models for a day! Meet Miss Kayla. Don'tcha just LOVE that purple eyeshadow? As you can see one of Kayla's favorite activities is reading so we had a request from mom to capture that. Also, as you can see, Ella is a pretty big follower of big cousin Kayla so she asked for a shot with her cool cousin.

And here is Miss Kate! Kate was a little shy at first but then she just got right into it and ended up having a really good time. :) And I couldn't resist a fun one with both Kayla and Kate. How adorable is that??

Thanks for such a great day ladies! Aunt Elizabeth had a BLAST!