Pittsburgh Wedding Photography | Laura & Doug | The First Look

Ahhh.....the First Look. I LOVE this newest trend in wedding photography. A lot of couples are now opting to have a "First Look" prior their wedding ceremony in an effort to change tradition a little while at the same time taking advantage of a few opportunities a First Look provides. A First Look is the moment the Bride & Groom set aside prior to the ceremony where they actually take a moment to see each other, in full wedding attire. The advantages to this new trend include being able to capture all of your creative portraiture prior to the ceremony with the couple, the wedding party and even their families. This then allows the couple to cut down on the time in between the ceremony and reception, which guests absolutely love. It also allows them to take advantage of another trend: joining their cocktail hour. I absolutely love this trend too. Sometimes some of the BEST food of the night is at the cocktail hour. Can you imagine paying all that money, making all those decisions of what to have at your cocktail hour and not being able to sample any of it? The music, the decorations...all the details of this hour...you should enjoy it! Not only do you have the opportunity to unwind a bit before all the festivities start, but this also offers valuable time to mingle with your guests. The more mingling you do, the more you can enjoy your reception without feeling the pressure of having to walk from table to table to table to table to table....repeat to infinity. But the most lovely advantage of a First Look, to me, is that you get to spend a quiet, intimate moment with the person you are about to commit to for the rest of your life....and not in front of 300 guests. It is a moment for the Bride & Groom to enjoy together...the first time they see each other on one of the most important days of their lives. Yes, it breaks with tradition and it's not for everyone. But if you're considering a First Look, as a photographer I highly recommend it. It offers a  much more relaxed environment to capture your creative portraiture because you're not jamming it in between the ceremony and reception. Your wedding day will be a very fast-paced, crazy day. I say anything you can do to slow it down a bit is worth some consideration.

This is just a little peek of Laura & Doug's First Look. It was such a sweet moment and I was thrilled to be there to capture it!

I so so so so so love love love this photograph.