Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers | Kara & Joe Trombetta | Erie, PA

WOW! WOW! WOW! I have so many fine details to share with you about Kara & Joe's wedding. I mean....WOW! I was absolutely thrilled when Kara asked us to photograph her wedding, just thrilled. Kara is a photographer so it really meant a lot to me that she chose US to photograph her wedding. Talk about pressure! Kara also happens to be a wedding planner as well so I knew that the day would be jam-packed full of delicious details. I am waiting to show you all that because there really is so much to share. So for now I am going to show a little of the incredibly emotional ceremony. Kara & Joe met 11 years ago (11 YEARS AGO!) so it was so beautiful to watch them carry all that history into their final moment of ultimate commitment. There was so much to see throughout the day that told stories about the unique building blocks of their relationship. Two things that stand out in my mind for the day: watching Kara's grandmother and aunt sift through dozens of photos at a table at the reception of Kara & Joe as children, teenagers and finally as a couple in love. The table was full of these photos and it was so endearing to watch the smiles and laughs of their families as they reminisced. And, my favorite memory of the day: when Kara shared with me a love letter she found that she had written to Joe EXACTLY 11 YEARS AGO to the day. How...amazing, magical and serendipitous! I mean, WOW WOW WOW! There it was written at the top of the note: March 20, 2000. I was floored! She just so happen to come across that while digging through her memories in the last moments of details for the wedding. So of course, she included it in the gift she gave to Joe on their wedding day (photos of all of this to come...of course!). I just wanted you all to realize the level of emotion in this day. It was a long time coming and I couldn't have felt more privileged to be a part of the day. It was truly special.

So here is a little tidbit of the ceremony. Enjoy and SO SO SO much  more to come!