Indian Weddings by Craig Photography Website Launch!

Hello and top o' the mornin' to everyone! John and I would like to announce our official Indian Weddings by Craig Photography website launch! We're thrilled to be focusing more of our time on this niche of photography as both of us just love all the energy (and that's A LOT!) surrounding Indian weddings. If you have never had a chance to photograph or attend an Indian wedding you are really missing out. The people, the colors, the really is a weekend of grandiosity. From a photographic perspective I'm like a kid in a candy store. My favorite speed is FAST so every detail of an Indian wedding just has me glued. There is so much to see and be a part of I just don't ever know what to point my camera at first. :)

So if you find you have a little extra time today be sure to drop by and take a peek!