Pittsburgh Engagement Photography | Lauren & Nick

Ahh....the giggles and smiles of photography. Love it! Meet Lauren and Nick. What an ADORABLE couple. With the weather being what it is in Pittsburgh this time of year I can't tell ya how nice it was to get out and have such a fun-filled shoot. Lauren and Nick chose to have their shoot in the Strip, which is one of my most favorite places to photograph. There is so much life there (especially on this day as it was the day of the St. Patrick's Day Parade), so much color and so much energy. People were out and about everywhere and it was so awesome to be a part of all of it. Photographing Lauren and Nick was really easy -- they were great together and needed very little direction. They also constantly did one of my favorite things: giggled and smiled...a lot! There were so many times John and I would tell them to just go sit or stand somewhere and hang out, talk and enjoy themselves and, as you can see below, they had great chemistry. Both John and I were able to capture the funniest moments (ahem...did you happen to notice the wet willy?? Need I say more?) and at the end of the shoot I found myself just wanting to hang out with them and get a beer!

More to come... ;-)

Oh--and you can make fun of us all you want for having Lauren and Nick run and jump up in the air. I don't care. Just LOOK at how awesome that shot turned out! (insert picture of me sticking my tongue out at you here). Tee hee!