Elegant, Pretty, Simple Weddings | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers

If you know me at all then you know how much I love moments and details. I don't know if it's the girly girl in me or what but sometimes when you capture that one "Awww!" photograph you know you have captured a moment that will inspire some kind of pleasant emotional reaction. And the same with the details! How many of us have fretted over the colors, the favors, the centerpieces....the perfect placement of each candle, petal and lighting apparatus just to enhance the mood of the room?? But in the end it all comes together, doesn't it? :) That perfect, elegant, pretty, simple wedding. That's the goal anyway... During conversations with potential clients the subject of "how" we take our photographs always inevitably comes up. Do we pose every photo? Do we simply capture moments (what the wedding world loves to title "photojournalism")? How do we get what we get? Well I'll tell ya: we do it all. :) Almost every client says to me "We don't like posed photos" but here is a fun fact: every photo they purchase from us is a posed photo. Does that mean you don't know what you want? No, it just means you need a little direction in defining what you want.

Every photographer loves to capture moments. It's what we do. It's what draws our eyes in and makes us giddy to preserve for a lifetime an otherwise fleeting moment. But that's not all John and I do. We love to do what we call "creative portraiture". It's not your mom's style of wedding photography from back in the day but it does, on some level, incorporate the foundation of that style. Sometimes while in the moment of photographing couples, John or myself will see a particular backdrop or scene we know we can fit that couple into and make art. :) So we might direct how we want you to sit or stand but then we leave it up to you as a goopy, in-love couple to work your own magic and make the photo yours. And this changes depending on each couple. Every couple has their own style, look and emotional interaction with each other and because of that our photography is different for every couple. You are a unique couple and that inspires a unique approach for John and me. This is what makes wedding photography so fun; no 2 weddings are ever exactly alike.

So, we try to give you a well-balanced approach to the photos you'll end up with after all the hub-bub. ;-) Although John and I are well-equipped to handle any style of photography our couples might be drawn towards, we do have our favorite approaches (and this is what makes us such a great couple to work with, if I do say so myself ;-)). John is awesome at capturing moments and also at architecturally-inspired photos. His eye seems to be drawn toward facial expressions and interactions between people. He also sees photos that are inspired by architecture so his work tends to be from a male perspective in its lines and shapes. I like to think my knack is people, especially women. I see curves, details and magazine-style backdrops which tend to make photos dramatic and feminine. So while I see the perfect backdrop and I'm dreaming up the shot I see in my head for a couple, John is capturing them hanging out and interacting. It's the perfect mix, I'd say.

Whatever your style, remember to always be open to anything your photographer believes they can give you. Most photographers are very creative and see things you don't, so go with the flow and never try to pinpoint an exact style...it closes doors to what might be a style you didn't even know you liked! If you have had the chance to peruse other wedding photography blogs or sites you'll know that for most photographers, "posed" photos are no longer inspired by JC Penny. ;-) They are much more emotional, sensational, expressive and even poetic.

Who would pass up the opportunity to be visual poetry?