Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers | St. Paul Cathedral | The Pittsburgh Golf Club

What a STUNNING wedding we had the pleasure of photographing this past Saturday! It was small, intimate and so classic. Classic. That's a terrific word for everything this weekend. I realized that along with creative, unique and fun photography that I sometimes forget how much I love simple, classic portraiture! Meet Rachel--she was such a stunner and such a classic beauty on her wedding day. Huge blue eyes, simple gown and a gorgeous smile. Her style was very classic with a mix of a victorian feel, which went along gorgeously with The Pittsburgh Golf Club. This was our first time photographing at this venue and I have to say: please let me come back here! It was so fantastic inside and the staff was so attentive and so good at their work. They not only took supreme care of Rachel, Elliott and their guests but us as well. So impressed! This photo is one of my favorites from the day. It's big, simple and beautiful.

Another beauty! Some brides would have tried to hide the Christmas thing for a December wedding but Rachel really allowed the spirit of the holiday to mix in with her look. The Club was decorated so beautifully for the holidays. So much so that you could smell all the fresh pine no matter where you were. Rachel even had her flowers made with sprinklings of red berries and fresh herbs, rather than just greenery. Gorgeous!

Annnnnddd...I just had to throw this in because it was so adorable. :) It was quite a windy day on Saturday and Rachel's lovely veil had a ball with it!