Pittsburgh Wedding Photography | Chinese Tea Ceremony | Rosalind & Jeff

Well I have been waiting so patiently to post something more about Roz & Jeff's wedding...well...sort of wedding. :) Rather than a traditional day, Roz & Jeff decided to have a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony and we were absolutely thrilled to be there for it. Right on their very own back porch a very small gathering of friends and family joined Roz & Jeff as they served tea to their parents and grandparents while each gave their advice and gifts to the happy couple. The words of wisdom that flowed from the mouths of those much more experienced in life than me were so touching...it was hard not to tear up. The beauty of the ceremony was only enhanced by the fact that Jeff's family are Russian Jews and Roz's family are Chinese Buddhists. To see them all come together out of love was so incredible. So below are just a few of my favorites from the ceremony. Notice the photo of Roz walking down her steps on her way to the ceremony...diggin' that sign. ;-) And also take notice of the Jewish/Chinese chuppah. Love it!