Pittsburgh Indian Wedding Photographer | Hyatt Regency | Ashima & Neel

So John & I are still going thru editing like mad the Indian wedding we just covered this past weekend (so.much.fun!) and I just had to share these 3 photos. The entire wedding day took place at the Hyatt Regency at the airport and if you've ever been there then you know you can't go outside for any sort of photography (booooo) so we had to make do with the interior of the hotel. It was a beautiful hotel but we certainly had to be a bit creative. I love this shot. This was actually taken in the restaurant of the hotel. Yes, onlookers were a bit confused...or entertained...or both. :) The blank wall offered a nice backdrop.

I heart hands and hands at Indian weddings are so fantastical. Covered in henna and so incredibly bejeweled they make for such dramatic shots.

This photo was actually taken at the Sangeet the night before the wedding. Yes, this is PNC Park! Although Neel was not a Pittsburgh Pirate fan, he and his whole crew were huge baseball fans (Red Sox to be exact) and they were all just beside themselves tickled pink (yep, I said it) to be on the field. We took a ton of super fun photos that I'll share soon but I just wanted to share this cutie first.

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