Pittsburgh Indian Wedding Photographer | Ashima & Neel

Beautiful way to start off any weekend: take photos of a dreamy, beautiful, fantastical wedding! Now that's my kinda weekend. ;-) We had a fabulous Indian wedding this weekend with the Mehndi taking place at PNC Park (fabulosity factor rated 100 on a scale of 1 - 10) and the wedding day taking place at the Hyatt Regency at the airport. The entire weekend was absolutely scrumdillyicous. Yes, I said it: scrumdillyicious...my fabulosity factor is also quite high so I can use words like this. ;-) Meet Ashima. Gorgeous, fun, funny and all about Neel. Oh yeah. I have so much fun covering Indian weddings and this was no exception. The color, THE FOOD, the details, THE FOOD, the energy, THE FOOD...did I mention food?? There was enough food over the weekend to feed Russia for a month. By the way, I'm Russia. Hi, nice to meet you. After John rolled me out of the reception last night while trying to claw my way back into the dessert room, I realized what a gem of a weekend we had. Eye candy just doesn't say enough about how many yummy details I got to photograph. For now, here are a few teasers of the goddess Ashima.

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