Pittsburgh Wedding Photography | Nique & Andy's Ceremony

And now...it's time for....bah bah bah bah bah bah bah (insert super cool trumpet music here accompanied by a faint hip-hop beat with just the slightest mix of record scratch...'cuz that's just how I roll) I give to you...Nique & Andy's awesome wedding ceremony! Every ounce of this ceremony just oozed with girlish accents (my fav!). The white chairs so neatly lined up, the adorable flower arrangements on the aisle chairs, the flower globes hanging off of the trellis accompanied by additional flower globes hung on iron perches stuck into the ground...and of course...the aisle completely covered in a bed of pink rose petals. Ahhhhhh.....*sigh*....I love being a girl. ;-) The entire ceremony was so sweet, so emotional and so fun. I couldn't get enough. Enjoy!

As I said before, Nique & Andy held their ceremony in an open field of sorts in Nique's neighborhood. It was just stunning. Guests simply parked, walked down the sidewalk and followed the sign below to walk down a beautiful tree-lined grassy path that opened up into the gorgeous ceremony site. It was a scene out of some fairytale movie for sure. :) Lavish Events did a terrific job!

And of course, the music chosen for the ceremony was played by an amazingly talented string quartet....

Beautiful, tree-lined grassy path...

The wedding party, however, entered thru the neighbor's front yard, which had a convenient little path that led to the back of the site so the gal's could walk down the aisle. But the groomsmen actually walked over a little bridge, which conveniently led straight to the altar. Look at that little man at the bottom of the collage...I could have just eaten him up!

And, of course, Nique had a cutie patootie parasol to shade her from the sun while walking to the ceremony...adorned with her new last name, nonetheless! And check out the other adorable little niblet giving the camera a smile. I could eat her up too!

STUNNING! STUNNING! STUNNING! And look at Mama Deliere...so proud!


Nique & Andy needed someplace to hang out after the ceremony so guests could get on their way. What better way to accomplish that than to rent a vintage car, which made for a spectacular photo-op! ;-)

So romantical...

Next up...Reception!