Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer | Phipps Conservatory | April & Dan's Slideshow

Well I hope you all remember April & Dan! They were married on a Thursday (yep...a Thursday!) at Phipps and John & I had the pleasure of photographing their day. It was such an adorable day! Color! Laughs! Fun! It was on and on with all the details these two put into their day. And I particularly loved the little extras they included just for the entertainment of their guests such as a path of signs to follow thru Phipps showing all kinds of different photos of April & Dan, a photo hut with the most hilarious props and a guest-signing hut which included pre-stamped postcards of Pittsburgh (most guests were from out of town) that guests could write a memory or advice on and drop in the mail to the new happy couple. Loved it!

Normally when I put slideshows up I try to keep them relatively short because I know a lot of you are hunched over your computer in your cubicle trying to hide the monitor from your bosses (*sigh*...been there ;-)) But this time I did include quite a bit more just because there were so many funny and endearing moments I just had to include them.


Click HERE to view April & Dan's slideshow.