Pittsburgh Indian Wedding Photographer | Omni William Penn

So last we left off with Divya & Vinit's wedding, we were in the beginning phases of their day (and that's saying a lot :)). And here is the ceremony.  If you have never had the chance to witness an Indian ceremony you are really in for a treat. There is so much going on, so much energy and so many parts to the ceremony I don't even know where to begin. Divya & Vinit held their ceremony in the Urban Room at the Omni William Penn and it was the perfect atmosphere for such a ceremony. The Urban Room is so exotic. :)

I love catching light from a flash or the videographer's light while walking down the aisle. So dramatic!

An antarpat, or symbolic screen, is held up to separate Divya & Vinit while Divya's parents go thru the ritual of giving their daughter away.

During the Sumuhurtham part of the ceremony, Divya & Vinit place a mixture of cumin seeds and brown sugar on each others heads to signify the bitter and sweet experiences of life. This act symbolizes the union of Divya & Vinit's psychic energies. Once the screen is removed they are now husband and wife. :)

They're married!

Indian ceremonies are kinda long. Usually about 2 hrs so there is normally a break where beverages and snacks are provided for the guests while the bride and groom go for a change of clothes for the next phase of the ceremony (I love this! TWO dresses? Oh yeah...)

I love this photo of Divya's second procession. She looks so happy (and stunning)!

This is the Mangalya Dhaarana part of the ceremony.  Here Vinit ties a Mangalasutra, the wedding necklace, around Divya's neck with three knots, representing love, affection and companionship. The groom places sindhur (red turmeric powder) to the bride's hair. The bride and groom exchange garlands and rings signifying their mutual commitment.

This part was so much fun: during the Talambralu, Divya & Vinit shower each other with holy rice, pearls and flowers. This is meant to bring the couple together with mutual offerings of faith and hope for a happy, prosperous and peaceful married life.

They kept taking turns just dousing each other with rice! It was hilarious!

Look at that! Vinit looks like he's wearing a yellow cap!

And then the throwing match began... :)

And then Divya just decided she wasn't messin' around anymore... ;-)

And the champion declares her victory!

Random favs...

The recession was so much different than Christian recessions...this was filled with music, cheering and dancing back down the aisle while rice is thrown. It was awesome!

Next up: Reception! ;-)