Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer | Phipps Conservatory

I just can't stay away from they details! One of my most favorite things to take in at a wedding are the details. We women put a lot of time into them so I figure, we all must pay our respects. ;-) April & Dan's wedding was probably one of the most colorful weddings I've had the pleasure of photographing. I loved the bold colors of orange and purple that April chose (even having flowers shipped in from NY...of course!) and I especially loved all the touches from the day. Pay particular attention to the collage below. You'll notice these things in the photos:

-April & Dan had a path set up so that once you entered Phipps you simply followed the signs to the ceremony and reception, with some fun along the way.

-There was a photo hut set up with all kinds of fun props such as blow up guitars, hula skirts and funny glasses to put your special touch on your photos. :)

-There was a guestbook signing hut where there were pre-stamped Pittsburgh postcards that you could take down, write a memory or advice on and toss in a mailbox. I thought this was adorable!

-The ceremony was outside so on your way out the door there were very colorful and cute sunglasses you could grab and paper umbrellas to shade yourself.

-As you walked out to the ceremony site, there was a big easel with a blank canvas, paints and paintbrushes so that each guest could paint whatever they wanted on the canvas and at the end of the service April & Dan painted 2 white hearts over the previous markings for them to have as a keepsake. Brilliant!

-April & Dan had huge decals made for the dance floor not only to decorate but to have some fun by telling everyone to "stomp on their faces" while dancing. :)

-Dan and all the groomsmen (and 1 groomswoman) wore purple Converse sneakers. LOVED IT! And even the bridesmaids, and the bride of course, had their own to change into later.

-April & Dan really love the work of Dale Chihuly so the topper on their cake was designed to replicate his style. Chihuly's work is on display all throughout Phipps.

-Each table had the word Love in a different language on a sign and you matched your name on the table chart to the language the word Love was written in.

-Instead of the traditional white skirting under April's dress, she chose purple. LOVED IT! Especially with her adorable orange shoes peeking out!

-Instead of having a cookie table with tons of different cookies, April & Dan decided to incorporate another Pittsburgh tradition: Eat-n-Park smiley cookies!

Thank you April & Dan! Loved it all! ;-)