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Well it's time for another post about Divya & Vinit! So the last time I focused on Divya but this time it's all about Vinit! :) I just love watching the Baraat portion of an Indian wedding day. It's so exciting and full of music, dancing and energy. But before Vinit got to enjoy his little jaunt on a horse, he had to go thru his own puja, which is a ceremony specific to the groom on his wedding day. This was great...among other rituals occurring at this ceremony, at the end a yellow turmeric paste is teasingly applied by all the guests to every part of exposed skin on Vinit. Look below! Take note of the wet willy given by an overzealous groomsmen. Tee hee! :) This first photo is Divya's mom...getting it all in now! ;-)

And now for the Baraat! Look at these cuties!

I love this shot. :) I'm the King of the world!

I love all the dancing. You can't help but get caught up in all the hype.

Look at your man, now back to me, now back at your man, now back to me, now back at your man, now back to me.... ;-)

He's so cute I just had to put him in here. :)

Mama Varu...kindest sweetest soul you'll ever meet.

A fav shot....

And I look around trying to figure out where my lovely husband is. And, of course, he's sitting atop a moving van getting photos. Of course! :)

Let's dance...bada bada bada...just dance...insert cool Lady Gaga song here.

The whole point of the Baraat is for the groom to be delivered to the Bride's family so that they can formally welcome him and his family as their own. This was fun too...ever seen 2 photographers with a camera jammed up their nose? Well this is where we got to experience THAT fun. Everyone is so crowded to see and be a part of this that there is no room for a big DSLR shoved in everyone's faces. So our cameras spent their time in our own faces. I believe I still have an imprint on my eye and cheek. ;-)

The priest...

Mama Mutyala getting into the festivities. :)

Notice John cradling his beloved in the background...

Sister Varu...

Next up! The ceremony! ;-)