Pittsburgh Engagement Photography

Meet Keli & Pedro! John had the wonderful opportunity to meet Keli & Pedro on the North Side around our studio and get to know them a bit while documenting their engagement. Keli & Pedro will be getting married in Nashville but wanted some of the 'Burgh in their photos...can you blame them?? ;-) So romantical!

This is by far my most fav shot of the day.

Look at this gorgeous ring! Isn't it stunning??

Congratulations Keli & Pedro! Best wishes for your wedding. ;-)


So I'm going thru this shoot of John's (I'm the editing Queen Bee of our little duo) and I find this little gem of a photo.  John had taken this photo actually a lot bigger and wider but me, being the girl I am, saw a beautiful crop ahead of me. Keli has such a beautiful face (just look at those gorgeous eyes and lips that women pay people to duplicate). So I cropped in on this shot and look at this! Keli is stunning and this is my new fav shot of the day!