Pittsburgh Indian Wedding Photography | Omni William Penn Hotel

GOOD golly Miss Molly! Where do I begin with this fantastical wedding?? Yes, we had another absolutely fabulous Indian wedding this past weekend and the details just simply have me dumbfounded. John and I had the pleasure of photographing the Sangeet Friday night and the wedding of Divya & Vinit Saturday. It.Was.Stunning. Small fact: Divya & Vinit rented out the entire 17th floor of the Omni William Penn for their wedding day. YOWSA! And there was so much going on at every step of the day they definitely needed the entire floor. So...here are a few (ahem...a gazillion) details just from the part of the day where Divya got ready for her wedding. It was so much fun to watch this as there are so many parts to getting this day going. All of it so colorful and stunning.

Let's just start with magnitude of jewelry involved in this day. It was amazing how much glitter there was and I adored all of it. ;-)

Here is the box of bangles (yep, I said it...a whole BOX) that Divya would need to get thru her day. Each of her 4 (yep, I said it...FOUR) outfits for the wedding day had their own set of bangles.

The jewelry for just one outfit...

the earrings for one outfit. I perched them on Divya & Vinit's wedding invitation.

The jewel in Divya's hair for one style for the day (there were 2 with lots of touch ups as Divya had a stylist and makeup artist with her all day...of course...don't we all??).

The necklace for one outfit...

How gorgeous is this? Isn't Divya beautiful??

And here is one of the four dresses from Divya's day. This was her final reception outfit (2 for the ceremony, 1 for the cocktail hour and one for the reception). I want to highlight this one because it weighs more than Divya with all the intricate bead work and stones...I have no idea how she didn't pass out with this on and she danced all night long in this.

Isn't the detail amazing??

Each dress came in one of these bags and I thought the decal on the front was so adorable. :)

So colorful...

Random fav's...

How hilarious is this?? :)

And now the dressing process begins. Believe me when I say, it takes a village. ;-)

Mama Mutyala. :)

The bangles...

Go Team Divya!

Like I said...Village. ;-)

Random fav. :) Even her shoes had jewels!

And......finished. Lookin' good Divya. ;-)

Simply incredibly amounts more to come...