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Aahhhh....it's Friday. ;-) Dontcha just love that word...Frrriiiiiidddaaaayyy. That's right, let it roll off your tongue. The weekend begins. :)

Had yet another terrific wedding last Saturday so I'm thrilled to show you Elizabeth & Sean's slideshow. It was a treat to be a part of their day as both were so obviously in love...they were at each other's sides all day and you'd think that would be pretty typical but I have to say, it's kind of rare. Most couples get so caught up in their day with their guests they forget to actually enjoy the day...together. But not this couple. ;-) It was so sweet to watch them all day.

It was a lovely ceremony at Heinz Chapel followed by a fun and happening reception at The University Club...all brought to an end with a sparkling goodbye. Enjoy.

Click HERE to view Elizabeth & Sean's slideshow.