Pittsburgh Indian Wedding Photography | Hilton Garden Inn Southpointe

So yes, another post about the amazing Indian wedding John and I recently covered. :) So you saw how fun and amazing the groom's procession was, and you saw how gorgeous and deliciously chaotic the ceremony was...well now hold onto your hats...with true Indian Bollywood style, here is the reception. ;-) It was magnificently decorated and coordinated, all by Katherine Shaw's team at Trends to Traditions. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. The colors, the sparkle, the detail, the luxury...all of it came together so incredibly eye-catching and delightfully. To start off I just had to show a little detail with the henna. I just love this fine and detailed art on the hands and feet and I have written before about how much, to me, hands speak volumes. The delicate art of henna is so amazing to me.

And look at how decorated even Maneesh's shoes are.

Now comes the oasis that was created by a company specially hired to use tents and fabrics to create this yummy outdoor space for guests. This was so fantastic and such a treat for the guests at Priya and Maneesh's reception. The Hilton Garden Inn at Southpointe has a great back space that can be used for weddings or for additional space for guests, such as this below.

And the way the wind billowed the fabric really made all of this such a sight.

And the interior of the reception room certainly competed with this. Everything was so decadent. I love little touches like this (giggle giggle). The extras make it for me. I loved the design in this too.

And this was Priya & Maneesh's sweetheart table....decorated with a wall of fabric...of course... :)

...with special fabric on each table...of course. :)

And of course...a henna cupcake cake. Wouldn't have it any other way!

And the cocktail hour was all about detail. So many fun and visual things...blue fabrics, purple, gold, red...ice luge, fruit art, magnificently decorated entryway...yowsa! Look at this ice sculpture/luge. It was huge! And there were two, one on each side of the room, used to dispense Priya & Maneesh's signature drinks.

Tee hee...who would've thought fruit could be THIS beautiful??

And of course what would a reception be without a station with a chef making Indian crepes? So predictable (I kid, I kid...I was so amazed)...

And look at this gorgeous whatever-this-is decorating the entryway into the cocktail hour...I'm giddy.

And Priya's 3rd dress of the night was eye-popping. I just wanted to stand there and look at every jewel and every detail. It was so beautiful.

And Priya is so funny...every time someone pointed a camera at her she did this...hilarious...

And then it was time to enter the reception room to start alllllll the activities, and there were so many. :) First up, Priya & Maneesh's dance. I loved it. One special little detail was that one of her bridesmaids sung their first song. :) And the guitarist was the bridesmaid's boyfriend. How sweet!

One of my fav shots of the night...

And apparently Priya and Maneesh thought having just them dance wasn't enough, so Maneesh's sister danced a traditional dance to the surprise and delight of the crowd. It was so fun to watch this. :)

And...of course...that just wasn't enough entertainment so Priya & Maneesh had a professional Indian dance group come in and perform another traditional dance. This was so high-spirited I couldn't help but clap along.

And, you guessed it, that just wasn't enough either. :) The dance group then took the next 45 minutes to teach all of the guests how to dance a few traditional Indian dances, which even Priya & Maneesh joined in on.

I couldn't help but grab a shot or 2 of Priya in that amazing dress.

And of course....the hands. ;-)

After dinner when everyone began to slow down for a little break, everyone headed outside for some R&R and a few sparklers. Did I mention this wedding took place on the 4th of July? ;-)

And then all of a sudden this happens! What a great way to end the evening! All of Priya & Maneesh's friends go back inside for a dancing extravaganza! We could barely get on the dance floor it was so packed. :) Pay special attention to the little girl. Fast asleep on her papa's shoulder until "Single Ladies" came over the speakers and then POW, awake and dancing. ;-)

Thank you Priya & Maneesh. We had a blast!