Pittsburgh University Center | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer | Courtney & Mark - Slideshow

Now I know I posted a lot about this wedding but I cannot tell you how much fun we had at Courtney & Mark's wedding. The day moved so fast and furious and what a fun ride! The day was SO INCREDIBLY colorful. Courtney & Mark did a "First Look" at the Center for the Arts at Frick Park and it.was.gloriously.beautiful. Everything was in full bloom and if you look at Courtney's bouquet from Mocha Rose then you know how much she likes color. :) This was so much fun to document for this couple and I will have a blog post just about this coming up soon!

The ceremony was absolutely stunning as well. This was the first time John and I had the opportunity to photograph at Sacred Heart Parish and it was so majestic and dramatic. So beautiful. And after the ceremony we headed into Oakland for even more photos! Then off to the University Club for the reception. This was such a great place for a reception! The room was so gorgeous and Courtney and Mark had planned a colorful cocktail hour on the roof bbbuuuuuuut....the rain set in at the VERY moment it was to start. So inside we moved, which was just as lovely.

And how sweet is this! Courtney's mom, Carol, is in the midst of a 1000 mile bike ride all to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer's. PLEASE stop by her blog and leave a supportive comment, or even better, a donation. Reading through her journey has been a delight. :)

I love the quote put on her blog:

“To love someone is to know the song in their heart and to sing it to them when they have forgotten the words.”


We had a GREAT time with this crowd. Enjoy the slideshow!

Click HERE to view Courtney & Mark's slideshow.