Omni William Penn | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

It's been such a busy month for us I didn't get a chance to focus on Christina & Jonathan's wedding as much as I would've liked. It was a GORGEOUS wedding, and from what I hear we can all thank Christina's mom for it. Apparently she's quite the wedding planner. :) This crowd was a fun one, the wedding party was so sweet and so easy to work with and it was HOT...we really appreciated their genuine happiness to do whatever it is they needed to do for the couple of the day. ;-) So here are a 2 collages I put together to give you a wee taste. Next week I'll be posting a slideshow. But for now just take a gander and this beautiful couple. Both of them from morning till night were just all smiles from ear to ear. It was such a pleasure to work with both Christina & Jonathan.

And! HA! I don't think much needs to be said but I can't tell ya what a great time we had photographing at the Omni William Penn. It was all luxury all the way. And pay special attention to the flowers. That was really the eye-catcher for the whole day. Design Space really outdid themselves with their arrangements...don't even get me started on the church; arrangements on moss-covered pillars down the aisle, arrangements the same size as a small country in Europe on the altars...and my favorite, a special cotton and linen runner for the bride to walk down. And also my favorite; at the reception the florist brought in a special lighting system just to light the arrangements on the tables. WOWSA! I loved it! It was so dramatic. So here is a little peek at the reception room...isn't it to die for??

So make sure to tune in on Tuesday of next week for the slideshow. It will be a beauty! :)