Craig Photography on Alicia Silverstone's Blog!

Look Mom! I'm FAMOUS! ;-) Just had to give us a little shout out (OK--A HUGE SHOUT OUT! I'M GIDDY!!!) about the fact that some of our photos from our recent commercial product photography shoot for Susan Nichole Handbags has made it to Alicia Silverstone's blog: The Kind Life (which you should absolutely check out--it is a GINORMOUS resource for healthy living).

And Susan Nichole was kind enough to literally give us a shout out. How kind of her to make mention of us on The Kind Life blog. That's just so....kind. *sigh*

As much as I'd like to pretend this is "just another glamorous day in the life of Craig Photography" I have to be honest...I feel like someone just told me there are no calories in chocolate ice cream and there is now a globally recognized holiday for shopping and on that very day all shopping is free. Yep. I feel pretty good. Tee hee!