Susan Nichole, 3 Models, 2 Photographers, 1 Makeup Artist, 1 Videographer...and a Partridge in a Pair Tree

Yep that's right--we got a WHOLE DAY with a BOATLOAD of the lovely ladies from Susan Nichole. And by "ladies" I, of course, mean the outrageously stylish and hip purses. *SIGH*...oh how I love each and every one so dearly.  We laughed, we giggled...even guffawed, if you will. The only thing I could have asked for was that more of them could join us for our adventure. Such beauties. OK! Now on to the models. Hee hee. What a TERRIFIC day we had. The models, the makeup artist, the was like we had our own club for a day...and I was queen, ruling over all the purses...ahem, 'scuse me...lost myself for a moment.  Anywho--it was a blast to say the least. :)

I have another post coming soon about our shoot but I just couldn't resist putting up a little (OK ginormous) collage showing a little peek into our day.

OH! And notice the little kitty cat that peeked out to say hi. She knew she was in good company. ;-)