Just a Girl and Her Susan Nichole Purse...

Thought you heard the last of my Susan Nichole purse, didntcha? HA! Somehow in depths of my mind I could feel how all of you were itching for more. So who am I to disappoint?  Turns out my little post about my first Susan Nichole purchase has brought me a wee bit of the Irish luck it seems (insert awesome Irish brogue here). Susan Nichole and her gang liked it so much they asked if I'd like to potentially do some product photography for them. PAH! YEAH!! Ahem...'scuse me...gotta little caught up in the moment. So they said they wanted to see some sample work with my purse posing alone (as if she needs anything else taking up space from her natural beauty) and a model. So I asked a good friend of mine to step in and to my chagrin, her schedule didn't mesh with mine and guess who ended up "modeling"? Wait for it...wait for it...OK, we all know; ME!!!! (picture me jumping up in the air, arms flung wide while yelling "ME!"...fun, huh??) So I sent the samples to them and they liked them! I could make some snarky comment about "Psh, of course they did" but frankly I'm just plain geeked. :) Not surprisingly, they asked for some real models for the real shoot (I *sob* guess *sob* I *sob* will *sob* not *sob* take *sob* it *sob* personally...OK, I will but privately while eating buckets of vegan ice cream, watching Steel Magnolias and shopping online for my next Susan Nichole purchase).

So here's your chance to see my one-and-only debut!

And of course I couldn't dare try to overshadow my lovely Sophia so she gets a spotlight all to herself. Isn't she stunning? Just look at how the light gleams off of her surface...notice her stare while hanging off of the fire hydrant. It's so "Yeah, that's right. I'm bored of you, now quit looking at me". And please take time to observe her brave athleticism while hanging off of the vine while artfully allowing the ivy to envelop her.  She's so talented.  Oh--and I honestly think she'll cry if you don't pay particular attention to the stoic, grammy-award-winning pose she has displayed on the bench. Doesn't it scream "You may want me, but you can't have me!". I'm so jelly of her obvious skill and beauty (for all you not-so-hip-anymore types..."jelly" means "jealous").

So here's to hoping my future photos will wind up on the Susan Nichole website! Wish me luck! (no Irish brogue necessary...but it does make me giggle :))

**OH! And a special thanks with soft billowing kisses to my oh-so-perfect husband for taking photos of me. Not bad, huh?? He makes a nearly 37 yr old look and feel like a young lass. Thanks Baby! ;-)