Boudoir Photography Workshop Wrap-Up

What a TERRIFIC workshop yesterday (if I do say so myself ;-))! Information flowed, questions were bountiful, the day just flew! Thank you SO MUCH to all who attended. Each and every one of you added so much to the class. Your questions were terrific and I sincerely had an amazing day with all of you. THANK YOU! Here are a few photos from the day. I allotted some time for the attendees to get a chance to photograph a live model (thank you Kara Marie!) and it was so much fun to watch each person set up the shot they wanted, communicate what they wanted Kara Marie to do and follow it through with the click of their shutter. Very interesting to watch others in action. :)

Starting it all off... Part of the crew...can you imagine having all that pointing at you while dressed in a lacey 'lil thing?? I would be terrified. :-/

Here is what they were photographing: Kara Marie was such a sport. When one of the attendees said "Um, I'd really like to put you IN the window", Kara Marie didn't even think twice about it!

This was the part of the day where I showed everyone how I would apply some post-processing techniques to get my signature look.  Everyone decided they wanted me to start off the photographing so they could see what I did. This was one of the poses I put Kara Marie in and I think it turned out great! She's just gorgeous, isn't she?? In this photo I showed everyone how I would smooth her skin to give it a glow and added an action to give it that muted color.

Here I was showing them how you can use the same pose but produce a completely different photo that centers on detail. Kara Marie had a super cute ring on and I wanted to center attention on her hand in her cutie undies. ;-) Again, in this post-processing example I smoothed her skin while applying a slightly different action.

Thank you so much again to all of the attendees and of course to Kara Marie (you rock sister!). I had a blast!