Next Free Photo Q&A

Hi Photog Peeps! Just another invitation to EVERY PERSON IN THE WORLD (Ok...a little much?? Maybe) to our next Photo Q&A. This event is open to any and all photographers and it's your chance to come to our studio and hang out with other photographers in the community. It's a great opportunity for newer photographers to come and seek wisdom while also offering seasoned photographers a chance to impart some wisdom. Also a fantastic opportunity to just network, get your name out there and of course...just relax and have some fun! What: FREE Photo Q&A When: 6/22 Time: 7pm - 9pm Where: 502 W. North Ave. Pgh 15212 (ring the "Studio 502" buzzer when you get there) Who: EVERY PHOTOGRAPHER OUT THERE! ;-)

For more info check out fabulous video below! And be sure to pay special attention to the dorky dork faces that Youtube bestowed upon us for our opening shot. HA! Enough to send you running. :) We're so purty. [youtube=]