First Look

I absolutely love when couples want to do their portraiture before the wedding. I like it for various reasons and both are purely selfish. :) The first reason is because we get to spend more time with the couple on their wedding day and that time is much less hurried and rushed than it is in between the end of the ceremony and beginning of reception. But my most favorite reason is being there for the First Look. Documenting the first time the Groom gets to see his Bride is so incredibly special. They are both filled with so many emotions and watching them share that intimate moment (with 2 photographers swirling around them and clicking the shutter madly :-)) is such a joy for me. Don't get me wrong, watching a bride make her journey down the aisle is beautiful, but the First Look....oh, it is my absolute favorite. Won't lie to ya. So I thought, well why not give everyone else a glimpse into this touching moment?? So here ya go! This is Veronica & Brian. We photographed their wedding on Sunday and it was such a great day. The sun, the fun, the wedding party, the was terrific. I will be posting more from this wedding soon!