The Pittsburgh Wedding of Emily & Kimmer - Slideshow

Well well well...Kimmer & Emily were such a blast to be with on Saturday! They were up for anything, so laid back and Emily coulda cared less that it rained all day. WOW! That's rare! :) Notice the absolutely adorable appearance of Oscar the wiener dog in the video...HA! So daggone cute (pun totally intended)! And let me tell ya something here all my years of photographing weddings I have never, never, never seen such a PACKED danced floor. It never stopped! At one point I just had to sit down for fear I'd run out of film cards from taking so many photos of everyone having such a good time. And Kimmer & Emily must've called everyone they knew to be there because it was a HUGE reception that they held at the Masonic Center. Looking for a ginormous venue to fit all your millions of guests? This is the place for sure. From High School friends to college buddies...there was a dance for every group, a group photo for every was chaos, and such FUN!

Thanks Emily & Kimmer! Had a blast! ;-)

Go HERE to view Emily & Kimmer's slideshow.