Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers - The Details

Well...the wedding of Jackie & Nick was just pure eye-candy for me. :) I LOVE when a couple puts some time into details. Not only is it so much fun for me to see everything and think of new and creative ways to document it but it's also so much fun for the guests too. I know what you're thinking (or...at least I know what you GUYS are thinking), "Who really notices this stuff anyway??" Well let me tell you: EVERYONE, including guys...well, some of them. ;-) Here's a little bit of insight for you brides too: details are not only fun to look at but they also share in telling the story of who you are as individuals and as a couple. It's the details that add flavor and fun to your wedding day and I don't care what kinda gal you are, we just get giddy when someone notices something little we've done. Whether it's a little flower we put in our hair, a little design on our freshly manicured fingernail...or a cookie table that intimidates even the most rockin' baker out there...we gals get a little tummy tickle when someone says "Oh my gosh! Look at that! It's so cute! What a great idea!" Tee hee, oh...excuse me. Got caught up in it all. Ahem! Back to what I was saying... Jackie had a lot of fun with her details and I gotta say one of the funnest was the cocktail hour food. It was a picturesque landscaping of the coolest Pittsburgh munchies ever beheld. From sliders and french fries, to mini grilled cheese sandwiches, mini reubens, and my favorite; mini peirogies. Oh what a FEAST their guests had! It was terrific! Jackie & Nick held their reception at the beautiful Pittsburgh Field Club. And let me tell you, this place is a piece of eye-candy itself! I love that the interior offers 2 full, gorgeous rooms for your cocktail hour PLUS an enormous outdoor stone patio that faces the golf course. The reception room is huge and also offers a VERY large, beautiful side room with ginormous windows, which Jackie & Nick used as their 2nd bar area and cookie room (yes, I said room...it was so much more than just a table!). And it was absolutely the best location for this crowd. From start to finish, simply put, this crowd was ready to PARTY! The dance floor was packed all night (thanks to their terrific DJ, and personal friend of ours, Eric Wenning ) and every table and room seem filled to the top. It was a spectacular day and we just had a BLAST with this crowd.

This mosaic below is just the teensiest, tiniest peek into their day. I will be uploading their slideshow next week so stay tuned!