Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer--The Details

As a photographer, I just eat up all the details of a wedding. As a woman, I just get girlie over all the cutie moments and little things I get to catch with my camera. One of my favorite times during the wedding day is getting to document the bride getting ready with her gals. It's always so full of energy, so full of the good nervousness. It's fun and always humorous. Doesn't matter how old we gals get....put a group of us in a room and it's like being back in junior high, in a good way. :) Not only do I like catching the girls interacting but my favorite is also to look around and see what things I can grab with my camera that also tell a part of the story of the day. So here are a few detail and sweet shots.

It's funny how many guys will say "why in the world is she taking a picture of shoes??" And then every girl will look at him like "Duh", and nothing more needs to be said. Only we gals have an understanding of this. IT'S SHOES!!!!!

Meet Duncan. He is one of 2 "kids" that reside with Heather & Dan. So incredibly sweet...I think there was a little too much excitement for him that day.

And meet Layla. Also a sweetie dog. Here she is begging for any morsel of food to drop her way. :)

Heather decided to do her own makeup and you'll see later she did a terrific job. Can't ever pass up a ring shot...again...I'm just a girl. ;-)

I loved getting this shot. I found this just sitting on the couch and when I looked closer I realized it was the Maid of Honor's speech. KA-CHING!! :)

This was so cute...the nail tech asked if Heather wanted anything on her toes and she was completely confused. She had no idea that you could get sparkly little pretties on  your sparkly little toesies and when the nail tech said "gems"...well! Heather's eyes just lit up. She couldn't wait to show them off.

So here is a gal after my own heart. Fancy high heels with sweatpants. Need I say more?? I think not.