What's for Dinner Tonight?

I have to say, last night's dinner was such a brilliant and culinary delight I just had to share it with you. I am so tooting my own horn because John and I have recently gone vegan and I thought for sure my love of the kitchen was going to be challenged but I am happy to say it has been just the opposite! It has not only been so tremendously easy to go vegan, it has inspired such amazing creativity in my cooking (if you know me at all you know I don't bake much. Why? Because it's way too precise and leaves very little room for creativity...hence my love for cooking!). Feast your eyes on another "Ebeth Original"...this is what I term my creations when I'm just standing in my kitchen scratching my head while looking at all the food in my fridge trying to imagine what to do with it. Fun!

Mushroom Avocado Shooters (mushroom mix sauteed with shallots in evoo and balsamic vinegar topped with fresh avocado, watercress and julienne carrots on a bed of individual endive leaves) served with grilled tofu (thinly sliced and dipped in a soy sauce/mirin/agave nectar sauce).....OH.SO.YUMMY.

Eat up! ;-)