Meet Kelsey & PJ--Part 5

Hello Everyone! Well the holidays are over and life is back to normal...whatever that means. ;-) Wanted to start back up with my series on Kelsey & PJ. Still so much to do here. I have one final post on their pre-wedding shoot and then into the actual wedding day we go! So here are the last of the most adorable shots ever for their pre-wedding photo shoot with John and me.

I absolutely love this shot. I wanted to take my idea on tossing couples in the middle of an intersection (scroll towards the bottom) and apply it here with the lovely Smithfield Street Bridge.

And what can I say about these next 2 shots. Absolutely, positively adorable. We definitely could not pass up this day without doing something with that umbrella and Kelsey's adorable boots.

These romantic shots of Pittsburgh just get me every time. It's such a beautiful city, isn't it??

Thank you Kelsey & PJ! To be continued... :)