Had a Blast Last Night!

We had a GREAT turn out last night for our Photography Q&A. It was so wonderful to see everyone that came out to join us for a cold winter evening just talk about photography!

The conversation, wine and food just flowed (thank you Jen for the chocolate....ooohhhhh yeah :)). We had people from all walks of photography lives; some new to camera, some new to the business, and a few of us seasoned sprinkled in the mix.

A THANK YOU shout out to David Burke for helping John put this together. Also--I'd like to give another shout out to Elizabeth & Vincent of Elizabeth Vincent Photography. Elizabeth & Vincent will be moving to the Pittsburgh area in July and we want to extend them a warm welcome to the photography community. Elizabeth & Vincent are well-skilled and talented photographers currently residing in the state of Indiana. Their specialty is storytelling so you brides should check out their site and blog! TERRIFIC photography.

Thank you to all who joined us last night! We had a blast! ;-)