Meet Kelsey & PJ--Part 3

Well...'tis Tuesday again which means we're going to continue our photography series on Kelsey & PJ! So these next few photos may not tell much of a story today but they are definitely a few of my absolute favorites.  Take a look... Kelsey had a few different veils for our shoot and in this one she was removing her birdcage veil to replace with her cathedral length veil.  John caught this awesome motion blur while she was in action.

Here we were just walking down for another shot and John again caught this. I absolutely love that it's a bit out of focus.

Again! Another great one by John. I was taking a photo of them from the side while John was behind Kelsey grabbing this fantastic shot.

Something about walking away shots I just love.  The Pennsylvanian has that continuous glow and it just added the right touch to this photo.

To be continued!