Meet Kelsey & PJ--Part 2

Well it was about 6pm last night when I realized I completely forgot to update my blog yesterday. Yikes! So I'm going to pretend it's Tuesday and continue my series on Kelsey & PJ. ;-) What FUN we you go!

With Kelsey's look I could've spent all day at the Grand Concourse. The opportunities there are just endless with a bride and groom.  It is so romantic, old world and just lush with colors and beautiful architecture.  This first shot is taken up on the third floor looking down on Kelsey & PJ dancing. I thought this was such a sweet shot.

Look at this woman! Isn't she gorgeous?? Kelsey was absolutely the most PERFECT gal to photograph. She was happy, excited, up for anything and just couldn't quit smiling. Just getting the "half-smile" in this shot was work because she just couldn't quit smiling. She was so full of life and it was so contagious. :) PJ you're just adorable too but c'mon...Kelsey just lights up a room, which I'm sure you'll agree. ;-)

And look at this romantic shot. If you've ever been to the Grand Concourse make sure you look up. The ceilings are so fantastic, especially in the main dining room. VERY majestic.

And notice the stance of the photographer as she takes in her prey (insert cool Australian accent here). She sizes her up but doesn't get too close...and them BAM! In for the shot she goes...

Until next week...