Meet Kelsey & PJ...

Hello Everyone!  So I was going to continue my 90-Days update and got bored just thinking about it.  So I have decided to turn Tuesdays, for the next few weeks into my "Meet Kelsey & PJ" story.  There are so many wonderful shots to share with you I don't even know where to begin.  Kelsey & PJ hired us for a pre-wedding portrait session a few days before their wedding. In full wedding attire with a Rolls Royce to boot, off we went for a 3 hour adventure. I CANNOT begin to tell you how much fun we had. The details were unbelievable and there were so many aspects to this shoot and in their wedding that I thought it would be fun to kinda turn it into a story of fun photos. So let's begin...

Don't know if any of you are familiar with the Great Gatsby ballet that came thru town a while ago but their promo picture of the 2 main ballet dancers was taken up on this very table at the Grand Concourse. After batting my eyelashes and getting on my best coquettish grin, Brian the coordinator graciously permitted Kelsey and PJ to hop on up and look at this shot.  I love it. :)

The stole, the gloves, the window in the background, the hint of the lamp post light off to the right...LOVE IT.

Kelsey was incorporating the old hollywood, screen siren look into her shoot, which I absolutely adored. So when I saw this window and took a look at that cathedral-length veil...this shot was a no brainer.

Drum role ba ba ba ba ba! (insert cool trumpet announcement sound here)...Hello gorgeous...purrr...Just LOOK at that car. WOWSA!  Of course the gorgeous couple and The Pennsylvanian in the background didn't hurt. ;-)

So much more to come from this!