Teaser Teaser Teaser!

WOW did we have such a wonderful time yesterday.  These feet you see below belong to Kelsey & PJ. In addition to hiring us for their wedding photography coverage, they also wanted to do a pre-wedding photo shoot...I was THRILLED! Getting time to spend with a bride and groom in their full wedding attire BEFORE the wedding day with no restrictions, no time limits, no stress....priceless. ;-) So this is just a teaser. It was a rainy day here in the 'Burgh but that didn't stop this couple. Kelsey changed from one shoe to another and as you can see, she even got out those adorable rain boots. There is a ridiculous amount more to come with this shoot. Let me say 2 words: Rolls Royce.  Oh yeah. I said it.  Hee Hee! More to come!