90 Days of Getting Back to Me--Update

Came to a slight realization the other day regarding this whole 90 days thing.  It is not easy.  The eating healthy part I have down pat (been doing that a long time) but everything else...well...there just simply needs to be more time in a day.  But I've come to accept that I just can't work out everyday.  I am active so that helps but finding time to squeeze in a workout isn't in the cards.  Still doing my best though. I'm still losing weight (woo hoo!) but I realize it's going to be a slow process (not like in the old college days when you'd just go thru a few days of self-imposed starvation and lose that 5 lbs. that you didn't need to lose in the first place).  The funny thing is I only weigh 4 more lbs. now than I did before my pregnancy with Ella. But everything sits a little differently after childbirth. *sigh* If these kids only knew what we go thru for them. Oh crap...I just turned into my mother. Here's some fun news though: I cut all my hair off. I mean....it is SHORT and I LOVE it.  Photos coming soon.  It now takes me 20 minutes in the morning to get ready and that includes a shower. Before I would seriously have to weigh whether a shower was really THAT necessary just so I could be ready in 30 minutes for my day.  So good to be among the clean again.  You moms know what I'm talkin' about. ;-)

I like change.  I crave change. In my youth that craving was fed by moving all over the place, taking jobs just to pay bills long enough to figure out where I would move to next. I even quit a job once so I could camp across country and back.  Now, I cut my hair. :)  Since I can't move all over the place (John thinks I'm nuts--he's never lived anywhere but Pittsburgh--we jokingly refer to each other as the Gypsy & the Hermit) we're going to travel.  We've been to Italy (oh how I loved it. The people, the food and my my my the wine--that's how we got Ella as a matter of fact...Venice will always hold a special place in my heart...hee hee).  Now we'll be spending the month of February in Florida while also planning a 2 month haitus to tool around Europe in '12.  Wanna come? ;-)

Until February, off goes the hair.  And let me tell you something: I am so damn cute (and modest too).

Hope everyone has a great week!  I believe I'm going to start steering these weekly updates to more of a "day in the life" rather than just the 90 day update". The 90 day thing has to be getting boring for you all. "I am eating healthy, I try to workout, I want to lose more weight". Repeat.

Talk to ya next week!