Happy Friday Everyone!

Just a few cute 'lil pics from a recent wedding. :) Have a GREAT weekend! Thought this shot was so cutie patootie.


So obviously you think there is nothing grand about this shot. It's out of focus for goodness sakes!  But I'm posting it because this was actually such a cute moment.  A bee literally flew up Lauren's dress and you should've seen the fury of the bridesmaids trying to protect their bride.  I would've been screaming at the top of my lungs running all over the park taking the entire dress off to get that bee away from me but Lauren laughed so hard and it was so funny. Everyone was flying around so we just tried to catch any picture of it and this is what we got. I think it's a keeper. ;-)


Love love love the sun flare in this shot. I love the glow and how it naturally faded the photo. I did absolutely no editing to this shot. I tried like hell but it turns out it's just perfect as is. :)


Always a sucker for peek-a-boo shots.