CONGRATULATIONS ANNIE O'NEILL! I am so incredibly thrilled to announce that local photographer, Annie O'Neill, has been chosen as this year's recipient of the ShootQ photography grant. "The ShootQ Grant is a $10,000 grant given to a photographer to fund a project that raises public awareness about an important social, environmental or economic issue. ShootQ's goal is to free photographers from the tedious tasks of running a business. With ShootQ Grant, our mission is to empower photographers to use their free time to give back. More than a monetary award, the ShootQ Grant will provide photographers the opportunity to work on a meaningful project, unencumbered by daily work, with the creative freedom and financial support necessary to produce photographs that raise public awareness about important social, environmental or economic issues."

Annie is working on a photography project to document the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on Americans.  From the stories Annie has told me so far this is going to be a very touching, difficult and VERY needed project to shed light on a subject that is often ignored.  I'm so unbelievabley excited for her and can't wait to see the results of her efforts.  Knowing Annie, this should be interesting.

So congratulations Annie.  GREAT WORK! ;-)