90 Days of Getting Back to ME--Update

I'M BACK!!!  I'm so happy to say that I believe I am back in action with my routine.  I'm not 100% (I still have a chest cold) but I can at least focus well on my food intake and excercise. I can't run on the treadmill, which is what I like best, but I'm at least doing Fit Tv workouts.  Phew.  I thought I was going down for the count last week...I was definitely losing motivation but I think I'll be ok. ;-) I did lose a few pounds (maybe 4??) so I still have a ways to go (I want 10 more baby!) but I'm feeling it.  I can tell you the biggest difference I've noticed is the skin on my face. It's so much more smoother and a lot less puffy...and wrinkly. :-/  I'm guessing it's the major sweat I get on with running and probably also the super clean eating I've been doing lately.  I will be honest with you all though...I succumbed to my main nemesis on Saturday...sugar. Oh how I loathe thee.  Our wedding this past Saturday was definitely a test of wills and I so lost.  There were TWO, not one, TWO rooms dedicated to sweets.  Oy.  There was one room for cookies (the most delectable ever) and a whole 'nother room dedicated to candy.  *Sigh*.

With the fire of a thousand suns I fought, and it was a good fight. But in the end, chocolate won.  Damn.  I had probably 6 cookies...and a chocolate covered pretzel...and a hershey's kiss....or two...OK OK...four. :(  But part of me thinks every calorie was worth it. If you're going to nose bomb do it well and with attitude. ;-)

But it's ok, I keep telling myself.  I'm back. Ahhh, I'm back. So for all of you following me, it's ok to fail as long as you get back up and keep moving.

So here's to my health (and a 'lil chocolate now and again)...