90 Days of Getting Back to ME--Update

Well, week one of my 90 days is over! It really was a great week. I was so utterly exhausted but I was really proud of myself for doing what I said would do. I worked out everyday (except Saturday as that is a work day for me, and believe me, I burn A LOT of calories on Saturdays). I ate all whole foods and took time to read a great book I'm into. I would be happy if I lost 8 lbs. I would be proud of myself and feel better about myself. But I really want to lose 15 lbs...that's my "holy crap, I rock and I deserve a night out with my husband...and a new dress...and shoes to go with that dress...and a new bag to go with those shoes...and did I just hear that Tiffany is having a sale??" weight loss goal. :)

Some things I learned about myself that I cherish at some moments and would love to change at others: --I am an everyday living, breathing, walking contradiction. I can't ever make up my mind and want to change everything all the time. Most of the time I find this part of myself quite refreshing...nothing like keeping things new. But occasionally it can become quite annoying and frustrating. Mostly for my husband. But I'm ok with it. Once when I was talking to my brother about all the things I want to do, change, evolve into, see and experience he asked "Sheesh...haven't you figured out who you are yet??". All I could think to say "Wow...I certainly hope not. How boring." He did not find that amusing.

--I miss music in my life. I had all but given up on music because I find public radio a real drag...I'm not 18 and I'm not 55. There really isn't much for us in between those ages. My iPod is ok but after almost killing some squirrels, a few kids and not too few many garbage cans I realized I just cannot be responsible enough to drive a car and fiddle with it at the same time. And not surprisingly, I get bored with the music on my iPod easily and who has to time to research and discover new and rare gems out there worthy of my ears?? That's when I was introduced to Pandora. I bow down. I am reborn....I live once again in the world of music. All you do is enter in an artist or a song you like and Pandora builds a "station" based on "if you like this, you'll probably like that". I LOVE it. I have been introduced to new artists I didn't know existed and there are no commercials (except for the rare 10 second Pepto Bismal plug...I can deal with that).  Unfortunately you can't listen to it in your car.  You can only stream it thru an internet connection (which is fine since the melodies I am normally subjected to in my car are that of Dora the Explorer and the Wiggles). So I am now back to being so inspired by music.  For this week my most inspirational pick is "Me" by Paula Cole.

So here is what I'm doing while on this 90 days:

BREAKFAST: sometimes 2 boiled egg whites with a piece of fruit, sometimes a bowl of yogurt with fruit and nuts, sometimes a homemade "breakfast bar" I make myself (John's favorite).

LUNCH: sometimes a hummus and tomato sandwich on soy and flaxseed bread, mostly it's whatever grain/vegetable concoction John made for his lunch that is leftover for me. We lovingly refer to it as "stuff in a pot".  Almost always it's delicious. :)

SNACKS: a handful of almonds, fruit or veggies. On really hungry days I'll do pretzels and hummus.

DINNER: something really small, or a protein shake made my husband (2 boiled egg whites, a banana, an apple and a few blueberries with some almond milk).

Things I'm trying to stick to so I can lose weight:

--Not eating after 4pm. This has been tricky and sometimes I have failed just because the day gets away from me but mostly I've been successful.  Going to bed a little hungry helps me.  I know I'm cutting calories and I need to re-train my body not to be hungry at night. I've gotten into a nasty habit of snacking late night and it's killing me.

--Exercising 30 minutes a day. I mostly run on my treadmill but I also do killer aerobic workouts on FiTV.  They work. I like them.  Actually to be truthful I hate working out. I would rather eat glass.  But that won't help me lose weight or I would give it a shot.  It's quicker than working out and I'm not sure any more painful.

--Not overdosing at weddings.  The food at some of these events is so delectable and I keep forgetting that others can indulge because it's probably only the 2nd or 3rd wedding they've been to all year.  For me it's every Saturday.  OOhhh and what a love affair I have with the cookie table. We go way back and that table has been there for me time and time again.  Mmmmm.....trans fats, white processed sugar, white processed flour....yum.  How in the world they can make ingredients like that taste so good is just magic to me.  *sigh* How I miss you already. But I did so great at this last wedding. No cookies and I even left the reception a little hungry. Usually I'm waddling out the door at 10pm with a bag of cookies to go. ;-)

So there ya have it. Week one, SUCCESS.  More to come next Tuesday.