Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer

What an AMAZING shoot yesterday!  J was an incredible subject and just sweet, lovely and so ready for this day.  J rented a hotel room at the Parador Inn, owned and operated by Ed!  This...place...is...GORGEOUS!!!!!  I could not have chosen a better place to do this kind of shoot.  There were so many opportunities for shots I didn't even know where to begin.    I also must mention a knew gal I met that I will be shoving in all your faces!  Her name is Rachael Ryan, she is a freelance makeup artist and owner of Ryan Makeup.  You MUST check her out. Her style so haute, so fierce and so beautiful.  All you brides pay attention!  Need a makeup artist for your wedding day??  Ryan Makeup!  I shall say no more...for now. ;-) I was also so thrilled that Joanne Bartone could accompany me on this shoot. We had a terrific time and our chemistry for this shoot was spot on.  So much so was our chemistry for the day that Joanne and I have decided to team up to offer a phenomenal special for Christmas and Valentine's Day...details coming soon.

So here's my teaser...sssssooooooo much more to come from this shoot.

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