Craig Photography Consulting Services: "Photographer's Corner" is Officially Announced!

cr  001 So, you want to be a photographer. You daydream about life as a working artist, earning a living with your camera in hand.  But for some reason you don know where to start? You have questions, fears, and a need for guidance and help…

So let’s talk….

John & I have just launched a new page and a new service on our website - Photographer’s Corner. It’s for the inquiring photogs out there.

Daily we receive inquires and questions about HOW TO EVERYTHING: PHOTOGRAPHY…honestly we try our best to answer you. At times I’m sure e-mails and phone calls go unanswered, and we’re sorry about that.

To bring organization to the chaos we are now offering private consultations to those who are interested.

Thank you for your questions throughout the years. Answering them has prepared us for the opportunity to work with each of you.

Photographer’s Corner pager (HERE) Contact us (HERE)