The Pittsburgh Wedding of Lyndsay & Brian-Slideshow

DSC_5472 Lyndsay & Brian were so fantastic to photograph. They were so much fun, so happy and so crazy excited to get married. Both were so wonderful to work with. Their wedding party also gets mad props from us because they too were just so incredibly sweet and fun.

It was a beautiful day but Mother Nature was in a fury for sure. You'll see in some of these photos the dark and gorgeous sky that held off until the very moment we were done photographing on Mt. Washington. It was perfect! The wind was at it's most intense but Lyndsay didn't let it bother her one bit. As a matter of fact, as her hair and veil were sticking straight up in the air, she said with a smile "It is what it is." I couldn't have said it more perfect myself. ;-) We had so much fun with them and I couldn't have been more pleased with their photos.

Thanks Lyndsay & Brian for such a TERRIFIC day!