The Pittsburgh Engagement of Angela & Billy

Still doing some editing but I wanted to introduce you to Angela & Billy. Angela is a southern bell from North Carolina and Billy is originally from Ohio.  So what brought them to Pittsburgh?  Pittsburgh...of course!  :)  It was so great to catch up with them and spend some time hanging around the streets of Oakland. They were sweet and funny and we had a a great shoot. Here are some of my fav's with more to come!

LOVED this orange gate that John scoped out. Any time I can get a burst of color in a shot I'm there. I think it really adds to a photo.

craig photography  004

John also pointed out this door and stoop, which I thought was perfect.

craig photography  005

Cute moment. Love when I can catch a moment of true laughter. ;-)

craig photography  006

Bus stops. Love 'em. Can't explain why.

craig photography  007

Check back soon for more!