Melanie & Josh

I got the chance to photograph a long lost friend of mine on Friday with John. We had such a great time. :) Melanie found me through facebook and it was so fantastic to see her again and to meet her funny and adorable husband Josh. We were losing light but that didn't stop us! Below are a few of my favorites. craigphotog-1

Thank you Hard Rock Cafe! Great background...


I just loved this one for two reasons: 1--the odd cropping and 2--the sweet looks on their faces.


In this tunnel (Station Square) there was this cool little graffiti face that I wanted to catch in the shot.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot! We had just about run out of light at this point so I threw my camera into Manual and overexposed. Perfect!


Capturing Josh in his "modeling" mode. Isn't he so cute??


Loved this red background provided by a caboose.


Thank you Melanie & Josh for letting us photograph you! Can't wait to see you again. :)